Sleeping Beauty!

Do you like playing pretend, being creative, and having fun? Do you dream of being on stage? Do you love to act, sing, and dance, or want to learn how? Do you want the fun of being part of a professional performance, on stage with lights, costumes, and sets? Are you between the ages of 4-15? Then GAAR’s Musical Theater Training Camp, The Sleeping Beauty, directed by GAAR's own Lily McAteer, is for you! 

For three weeks this summer, experience the fun of putting on a complete musical, The Sleeping Beauty, from start to finish, from casting to rehearsals to performance! Sing and dance your way to a magical kingdom, fight dragons in the Enchanted Forest, and discover if true love really does conquer all!

Camp dates are June 27th - July 15th, culminating in an OPENING performance on July 16thin front of a real audience! Young Artists are encouraged and invited to continue performances on July 23rd, 30th, and August 6th.

With a variety of roles to fill, we have parts for everyone: Handsome Princes, Fairy Godmothers, Kings and Queens, Forest Animals, and the most evil of the evil... Maleficent!

Once the camp begins, we have a lot of fantastic roles to cast:

MALEFICENT, the evil but very intelligent fairy who casts a spell on Princess Aurora. Requires a mature young actress with strong movement ability capable of carrying difficult solos and entire scenes. 

FLORA, the leader of the Fairies, who always knows what to do. Must have strong dancing and vocal ability.

FAUNA, the sweetest of the Fairies. She is the peacemaker. Must have strong dancing and vocal ability.

MERRYWEATHER, the impulsive Fairy who is always getting into a little trouble! Must have strong dancing and vocal ability, and good comedic timing.

KING HUBERT, the father of Prince Phillip. Must be a very good actor.

PRINCE PHILIP, the son of King Hubert, engaged to Princess Aurora. Must be a very good actor, with good movement ability for his sword fight with the dragon!

KING HUBERT, the father of Princess Aurora. Must be a very good actor.

QUEEN STEPHANIE, the mother of Princess Aurora. Must be a very good actor.

KING STEPHAN, the father of Princess Aurora. Must be a very good actor.

YOUNG PRINCE PHILIP, who meets Princess Aurora as a baby. A featured role for a very young actor.

CHORUS OF THE ROYAL COURT. Strong singers and dancers who can create real characters on stage. 

CHORUS OF THE FAERIES, Young singers and dancers who help Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. 

CHORUS OF MALEFICENT'S HENCHMEN,  the funniest characters in the show. Must have strong comedic timing and physical ability - and be able to have fun!

CHORUS OF FOREST ANIMALS, singers of all ages who have good movement ability. Must be able to move like real animals!

Auditions for GAAR’s Musical Theater Training Camp are encouraged, but are not mandatory FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ATTENDED BEFORE OR WHOSE WORK WE KNOW. All who want to attend are welcome! Optional camp auditions, just an opportunity for us to get to know you better before the excitement of the summer begins, will be held Feb. 23rd - Feb. 27th in Greensboro, VT.

No roles within The Sleeping Beauty will be cast from these auditions: AUDITIONS FOR THE SLEEPING BEAUTY WILL BE HELD ONLY WITHIN THE CAMP FROM THE CAMP ATTENDEES. 

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