"New Cultural and Economic Opportunities"

Over the next week, as we approach our Development Review Board hearing, we thought we'd share some letters in support of Mirror Theater Ltd/GAAR. The third is from Rep. Vicki Strong, a beloved friend of GAAR. Previous letters can be found below. If you would like to add your support, please email us.

"Dear Development Review Board Members,

I am writing to you in support of the endeavors of the organization, GAAR, in your community.  Greensboro is a very unique community with a growing cultural and economic environment in the Northeast Kingdom, and as such it is adding a new vitality and some unique opportunities to our area.  As a legislator, I have seen firsthand that our area needs economic growth and cultural opportunities, and GAAR is providing both, with the potential to enhance educational programs and jobs to our surrounding towns and schools.  I have attended numerous events sponsored by GAAR and have enjoyed the community involvement that I see that includes all ages of participants with many different types of backgrounds.

Greensboro, as a community, is going through many changes with the new organizations and businesses that are making their homes there, but I believe that as we all work together to make these changes constructively, we can encourage these economic and educational opportunities in our area of the state.  As we work together to plan for the future, we will ultimately help the coming generations of Vermonters.  I am grateful for organizations like GAAR that bring a new energy and expertise to our area of Vermont, and as we embrace the future together, we can bring new cultural and economic opportunities to our unique area of our state and our country.  Thank you for your consideration. 

Most Respectfully,  
Rep. Vicki Strong"

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