Did You Know?

Did you know The Mirror Theater is based on one of the original Round Barn theaters: Shakespeare’s Globe Theater!

  • In Shakespeare’s day, players - as actors were then known - would perform outside the city walls in village greens and round barns (sounds similar to the GAAR performances at the start!)
  • Then, as plays grew in popularity, some of these round barns were refurbished to become theaters in their own right.
  • In 1599, Shakespeare’s The Globe was built from the ground up, but, in design, the building was made to look like a round barn, paying homage to the early days of Shakespearean theater. 
  • Click here for a picture of Shakespeare’s Globe, actual local Round Barns in Morrisville and Irasburg, and a picture of the Mirror Theater, GAAR’s new home, opening 2017!

Scale models of The Mirror Theater design are now available for view at the Greensboro Town Hall, 81 Lauredon Ave, Greensboro, VT 05841.

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