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Press Releases

Press Releases

Thank You

Dear Friends and Artistic Family,

Thank you for your overwhelming show of love, passion, and steadfast support at the Mirror Theater’s Development Review Board Hearing last night. 

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

Because of your passion-- your enthusiasm for Art, Community, and Life-- you are helping us to realize one of GAAR’s goals: to provide cultural and economic opportunities to our community and surrounding areas. 

Together, we can achieve something great.


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Letters From The People: Jim Sowles, Macy Molleur, Daisy Bee, and Elizabeth St. Louis

Today's letters are from our Chairman of the Board, Jim Sowles, as well born and bred NEK residents Elizabeth St. Louis, Macy Molleur and Daisy Bee. All letters are used here with permission of the authors. Previous letters can be found below this post. If you would like to add your support, please email us.

“Greensboro is Lucky”

I have been Chairman of The Board of GAAR since the beginning. It started with staged readings and moved on to performances in various town venues and then to a tent on the town green. A few professional actors have been added to the local talent. Greensboro is extremely lucky to have to have the talented Sabra Jones plus Charles and Lily McAteer to direct the shows and manage the business of GAAR. 

The success has been very satisfying. Now thanks to a very generous donor we are in a position to build a permanent theater on land that formerly housed David Allen's farm stand. The DRB has already approved the the basic building. Now we're applying to the DRB for a permit to make the building higher than the 35' limit with a decorative element. The goal is to make it more like the London Globe theater.

Jim Sowles 

“We Are All Very Lucky”

Dear GAAR,

I am very thankful for you and your organization!  You have given me so many opportunities that I would have never been able to experience without you. Acting as Hellen Keller was an amazing part of my life that I will never forget. I have made so many great memories over the last four summers with your company, starting out as Marta in "The Sound Of Music".   Friendships that I will cherish forever is such a big part of theater for me. Working with my local friends to bring together a show for our community to enjoy and appreciate is such a thrill. It makes us feel famous!  We are all very lucky to have something so big in such a small community. You have taught me many things and I can not thank you enough! I hope you all have a great thanksgiving!

Love always,
Macy <3

“Theater is Good For Anybody”

Hello, My name is Daisy Bee.  I was Snoopy in the summer production of "You're a Good man Charlie Brown.”

I support GAAR because they taught me so many things about acting and how to control my voice.  
Also, theater is a good thing overall for anybody because its something that anyone could do , you can just get your feelngs out and just be loud and have fun! I am all for a new building, hopefully people support GAAR and the process of making the Mirror Theater.
Daisy Bee

“Embrace The Positive Change”

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter to express my absolute support for the new theater coming to the wonderful town of Greensboro.  I have lived in this area for my entire life...literally. I was born in Hardwick, went to school at both the elementary and high school there and have raised a family just a few miles from this quaint little town. My husband Tracy St.Louis has worked primarily around the Caspian lake for the entirety of his career. He attended the elementary school in Greensboro and high school at Hazen Union in Hardwick. 

As we were raising our girls we were faced with many choices regarding what we could do for them and how important it was to make sure they had exposure to many different experiences. As a result of wanting this for the girls we had to decide that distance wasn't going to be a deterrent. This being said, I drove many hundreds of miles a year to get them to a plethora of lessons, games, jobs and, last but not least the many, many theatrical performances they were involved in. What we would have given to have had something like this beautiful theater right in our back yard!! The contributions a facility like this will bring to the local community will be immeasurable! Not to mention the fun that will be had by both the local and the summer residents as they get to be involved with and watch the performances!  

I have watched over the years as our educational system has taken from our young people the creative outlets that children and teenagers need for a well rounded foundation to begin the daunting task of finding there way through an evermore complicated world. It is harder and harder for communities like Greensboro and Hardwick to afford the simple arts in their schools. This theater can bring exposure to many job opportunities such as, Acting, stage management, lighting technology, sound technology, set design and construction, costume design, videography, computer technology, entertainment and hospitality, planning and many other areas that could start a young person on their career path. Alcohol and drugs are very powerful draws today and we should be absolutely grateful that someone wants to bring such a valuable resource to this starving remote area. 

I understand that change can be hard but, there is a country song by Tracy Lawrence that says it all! 

"The South moves North, The North moves South,  
A star is born, a star burns out. 
The only thing that stays the same Is everything changes, everything changes."

We need to embrace the positive change, or we will be forced to accept the negative!

Elizabeth St. Louis

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